Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time out

Ok I have a quarter of a day off!!!! A couple of weeks ago Jim bought me a Singer Feather Weight..... I love it and him for listening to me it's in great condition[ for it's age] atleast thats what Joe said at Sew Unlimated. I had to tell him that it was made in 1950 just like me! Beth and I took Eliza to her first Quilt Show, ok so she slept through it. Oh to be 3 months old again. I now have 20 CWLL blocks done and 8 basket blocks. There's not to much hope of getting a lot done until after Rosemont and The Pentagon. The Web-Sampler will be over the end of April also and we've sent out over 500 blocks. Wow, May just might be my month to sew. To night is Stitchers Circle so I get to have some fun fun fun.