Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The care and feeding of a Quilt shop owner

Most quilt shop owners go to market to find new things for their store,I also go to learn and meet people. Lucky for me many of my friends went to Salt Lake City this year. I want to thank Pam Buda, Nancy,Tara Lynn Darr, Paula Barnes, Mary Ellen,Char Hopeman,Deb Peterson, Deb Luttrell, Jerry Stube and countless other wonderful women who took the time to share with me. I attended some wonderful seminars and classes with other shop owners and did manage to buy some great things for the store. As a Top Ten Shop owner I was invited to the ceremony to announce the shops for this year and was so happy to have two local shops join us. Yellow Creek Designs in Pearl City, their quilt is a must have. In the fall you will see Prairie Quilts in Oswego show their shop. Their quilt is on my list, I loved it. Both shops are wonderful and deserve the honor!
Being in business as a women is not easy and we need the support of everyone to help us with the stress and fun of owning a quilt shop. It was amazing to hear stories from other shop owners and how much we have in common. As President of Quilt Trade Association, it is very important to me to spread the word that a sense of community is very important to our future. So many times I heard that shop owners don't get along, our area seemed to be a hot spot. I don't always see it, but if that is the perception we must change that. We are blessed to have so many great shops with in a small area, (150miles). All are unique and have there own style and feel. I would hope if they needed something they would call, whether it is for product or just plain old help.
Beth and I spent a lot of time planning for the next 6 months. Next year market will be in Kansas City so I invited the Quilted Crow from Australia to come early and teach a class on a wool project. Yea! Lots of new things and ideas are spinning in my head. Stay tuned for it all to come flying at you!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Market is closed!

Well friends, Beth and I have had a wonderful time at Market. Here is a picture of her quilt made with her line, Marguerite, hanging in the Windham booth. I'm so proud.

We're so excited to come home and show you all the wonderful things we found! We get back Monday late afternoon so everything should be in the store on Tuesday. Come see us and we'll show you everything!

We found out today that Pam, Karen, Tara Lynn Darr, and Beth and I are all on the same flight tomorrow. My son said he hopes there's an air marshall on our plane. Party pooper.

See you soon!

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