Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy thoughts for everyone

This year has been a very long hard year for my family,many upsets and the passing of some very important people. I was thinking of my darling niece, Becky having to grieve the lose of her wonderful husband and I smiled at something Mike had said to me when my Mom passed,I will keep it in my heart forever. Sometimes you just have to look for the happy place!!! Grief does not define me, my family, friends and God are the defining moments I will remember forever. I love what I do and find myself smiling at certain things. Always look for the good stuff, the things that make you smile and the things that make your heart beat. My list is just that, my list. Some are silly, but they are mine! These are not in any particular order----

Old tattered quilts
The way buddy looks at me
Old boxes
Fall trees
Christmas trees
Old houses
Old houses, yes I said it twice
Black furniture
Black gourds
Small kids furniture
Wooden bowls
Eliza's jazz leg
New England
There is so much more I will share later. What makes you smile?

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