Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am not The Quilt Merchant

Friday we sold the store to Valarie Langue. I am very excited to see all the wonderful new things she will bring to the store. I will be around for a while to help her get adjusted to her new life, in case you don't already know she is moving here from France! Please stop in and introduce yourself, I'm sure you will love her. She is a very talented quilter and will offer longarm services.Thank you all so much for all the wonderful memories. Jim, Buddy and i will never forget the last seven years. Eliza has grown up in the store and now will have a baby sister next month.Beth has found many new talents and gifts, what a blessing to have worked with her for seven years! Now I guess I will learn how to really quilt!!!!!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have put The Quilt Merchant up for sale. Thought I would share why, then you will know from me and not just guessing why. I have loved the journey, I have received so much from this business. Loads of great people to support us, many have become friends. I have learned a lot about quilting, ha ha you get the joke. Just to put it all out there Jim is well and doing great, his health is not the reason. It is just a different season in my life, one that I will enjoy to it's fullest, we will travel, have a great grandchild, go on retreats with friends-- hope you all will come a long, and make a Dear Jane, learn to knit better and spend time with my family! Beth and Jon are going to concentrate on their family. I hope someone steps forward to take over The Quilt Merchant so I can hang out with you all.

Love you all

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