Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time out

Ok I have a quarter of a day off!!!! A couple of weeks ago Jim bought me a Singer Feather Weight..... I love it and him for listening to me it's in great condition[ for it's age] atleast thats what Joe said at Sew Unlimated. I had to tell him that it was made in 1950 just like me! Beth and I took Eliza to her first Quilt Show, ok so she slept through it. Oh to be 3 months old again. I now have 20 CWLL blocks done and 8 basket blocks. There's not to much hope of getting a lot done until after Rosemont and The Pentagon. The Web-Sampler will be over the end of April also and we've sent out over 500 blocks. Wow, May just might be my month to sew. To night is Stitchers Circle so I get to have some fun fun fun.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm seeing kits in my sleep!!!!!!!

The back room is overflowing with kits. You enter at your own risk! Quilts are coming back from sample makers so fast I can hardly keep up. Jim is so sick with the ick he hasn't been to the store or work for two days. Hope he's better for the Quilt show this week-end.He always loves to go to vend at the shows. Beth has the crud to, now I really feel sorry for her. I remember those days of being sick with an infant to take care of. It doesn't help that Jon is out of town. I'm going to miss CWLL club this Sat. because of the Quilt Show. I hate missing show and tell. I have no-nata-none show and tell this week. Of course I could take everyone in the back room to see what we did all month. I don't think anyone wants to see what goes on beyond those doors. We just ordered some new cross-stitch from Stacy Nash. She's new for us, can't wait for it to all come in the mail.She's so talented. Well, off to the post office to buy my weekly stamps for the Web Sampler, then to the foot Dr..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day off !!!!

You would think I could get a lot done on a day off. Everything I touched went south, my cooking skills are gone, gone, gone. I started on my quilt for the Quilts For Warriors program I'm involved with.I got a lot of laundry done and a little housecleaning. Block number 14 is still under construction for CWLL. There's a basket block stuck in my brain. I still have a few days to get Eliza's block done. Oh well at least I got a lot done towards Rosemont this week. Back to the foot Doctor tomorrow, at least I can sit and think while they do therapy. We had a great time at Stitchers Circle last week, lots of new people!!!! We had 15 all together.........Lot's of laugh and lots of pizza and some stitching.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foot Doctor

Ok now I have no excuses. There will be no operating on this old chick!!!! So it's back to sewing. I have to get a lot done because Quilt Festival is in April and then Jim and I are going to THE Pentagon. We'll stop at my mom and dads for a couple of days and then it's off to see Washington. Today I did an interview with Chicago Parenting Mag. about Quilts for wounded warriors, I hope it brings a lot of press to the cause. I guess we better get to getting on some quilts to take with us, we will be presenting them on April 24 th. in the court yard of the Pentagon. Maybe the bean counter[Jim] will buy a new car by then so we have room for everything. Tonight is Stitchers Circle at The Quilt Merchant hope I can behave. Ha Ha!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

to busy to sew

Does everyone have this much trouble finding time to sew. My plans to get a block done everyday seems to have gone out the window. I guess I need Stella to challange me to get going. Now I know why retreats are so popular. I could use some time away to sew with others, I'm thinking that would push me.Maybe when I go to the foot Dr. tomorrow I'll get that time the hard way. Eliza was in the store a lot this week so I got a lot of love'n in this week!!!! I never get tired of haveing grandchildren, wich is a good thing since I'm going to have number 12.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A stitch in time

Getting back to quilting is harder than I thought!!!! I'm working on Civil War Love Letters and have twelve blocks done.Then I decided it's so much fun I'll jump in and do some of the Basket blocks the Jo's Little Women Club at the store are exchanging- OK still not enough I think I'll do the next block of the Saturday Sampler.Now I need a twelve step program. Well maybe I could do one block a month and put it away for new grand baby #11 Eliza. See what I mean, I need help!!!! I have a few people to blame for my return to quilting, they will pay, I mean help. I spent a few days with Jo Morton and some wonderful shop owners, and I have some wonderful instructors at The Quilt Merchant that are always pushing me to take the time. Now I need more time.