Wednesday, February 20, 2008

to busy to sew

Does everyone have this much trouble finding time to sew. My plans to get a block done everyday seems to have gone out the window. I guess I need Stella to challange me to get going. Now I know why retreats are so popular. I could use some time away to sew with others, I'm thinking that would push me.Maybe when I go to the foot Dr. tomorrow I'll get that time the hard way. Eliza was in the store a lot this week so I got a lot of love'n in this week!!!! I never get tired of haveing grandchildren, wich is a good thing since I'm going to have number 12.


Carol said...

Docia welcome to Blogland...thanks for stopping at my blog and keeping up with my kids. Katie asked about Eliza and Beth just the other day. My dad was stationed at Westover late 50's early 60's. Look forward to lots more posts.

Dawn said...

One of these days I'm going to make it to your store. I just loved your booth at the chicago show last year! And I was signed up for the tumbler sew day that got moved days so still didn't make it down! Oh well! Welcome to blogland!

Library Lady said...

Hi Docia -

Yes it is difficult to find time to sew. I tend to do it in fits and starts - getting lots done one week and then nothing for weeks on end. No CWLL show and tell for me last Saturday either. :-( Oh well, hope to get back on track this week. Need to get something done because someone keeps stocking the shop with gorgeous new fabrics (like the Mark Twain collection - LOVE IT!) and new kits (Appomatox Courthouse is one of my favorite Bonnie Blue patterns - anxious to see how you've kitted it.) See you soon.

Mary aka Library Lady