Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foot Doctor

Ok now I have no excuses. There will be no operating on this old chick!!!! So it's back to sewing. I have to get a lot done because Quilt Festival is in April and then Jim and I are going to THE Pentagon. We'll stop at my mom and dads for a couple of days and then it's off to see Washington. Today I did an interview with Chicago Parenting Mag. about Quilts for wounded warriors, I hope it brings a lot of press to the cause. I guess we better get to getting on some quilts to take with us, we will be presenting them on April 24 th. in the court yard of the Pentagon. Maybe the bean counter[Jim] will buy a new car by then so we have room for everything. Tonight is Stitchers Circle at The Quilt Merchant hope I can behave. Ha Ha!!!

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Stella said...

Good morning, I hope we behaved to your high standards last night. We are sooo proud of you! Last month you couldn't even paper piece and look at you now. You're a member of the Geek Squad. Nice job on the blog, you go girl!!!! Stella