Sunday, February 17, 2008

A stitch in time

Getting back to quilting is harder than I thought!!!! I'm working on Civil War Love Letters and have twelve blocks done.Then I decided it's so much fun I'll jump in and do some of the Basket blocks the Jo's Little Women Club at the store are exchanging- OK still not enough I think I'll do the next block of the Saturday Sampler.Now I need a twelve step program. Well maybe I could do one block a month and put it away for new grand baby #11 Eliza. See what I mean, I need help!!!! I have a few people to blame for my return to quilting, they will pay, I mean help. I spent a few days with Jo Morton and some wonderful shop owners, and I have some wonderful instructors at The Quilt Merchant that are always pushing me to take the time. Now I need more time.

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